Wetland Banking Services

Wetland Banking Services

According to the USDA NRCS, wetland banking is a form of Environmental Market trading where wetlands are developed to create marketable wetland credits. These credits are sold to others or used by landowners as compensation for unavoidable wetland impacts.

CCES has been involved with the planning, permitting and implementation of multiple wetland banking projects in the State of Minnesota since the early 2000’s.  Our past and existing wetland banking clients include cities and watershed districts, as well as  private developers and landowners.   CCES has extensive experience in and is capable of guiding our clients through the process of establishing an economically viable wetland bank.

Our specific wetland banking services include evaluating specific sites for wetland banking potential, preparing application documents which include the development of approvable project implementation and monitoring protocols; development of easement documents; on the ground project implementation; required monitoring and reporting tasks; coordination and meetings with overseeing agencies at the local, state and federal level; and credit transaction tracking, negotiation, and management.

A few of our wetland banking clients include the City of Blaine, the City of Lino Lakes, Rice Creek Watershed District, Moen Management, LLC. Our wetland banking projects range in size from approximately 10 acres to nearly 200 acres of potential credit.

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