Critical Connections Ecological Services, Inc. is pleased to again offer a two day sedge identification workshop on Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, 2020.  This year, the course will be taught by Jason Husveth and will focus on the Sedges (Carex) of Minnesota.  Now in its eleventh consecutive year, the workshop is taught within a modern plant laboratory at the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul Campus Plant Growth Facilities. This two day workshop will be taught 75% in the lab/classroom, and 25% in the field.  The curriculum will include an introduction to all of the Minnesota sedge genera (Cyperaceae), with a focus on the identification of Carex species using live plant material.  Over 70 Minnesota Carex species were provided as live material at last year’s workshop, as well as more than 20 additional species representative of other Minnesota sedge genera.  The Minnesota Sedge Identification Workshop will be useful to novice and experienced field botanists, wetland ecologists, and wetland professionals with an interest in identifying Carex taxa to species. This course is accredited as 12 direct hours of continuing education units (CEUs) for the MN Board of Soil and Water Resources’ new Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program (MWPCP).  An updated and revised taxonomic Key to the Carex of East-Central Minnesota (Husveth 2018) will be provided to all students. This year, we will also be teaching from Welby Smith’s Sedges and Rushes of Minnesota, recently published in August 2018.

Students can expect to complete the course with:

1) An introduction and basic knowledge of all sedge (Cyperaceae) genera occurring in Minnesota                  (15 genera as per The Flora of North America, Vol. 23, 2002),

2) The ability to recognize and identify common and unusual Minnesota native Carex species in the field and in the lab,

3) Knowledge of required specimen collection methods to enable proper Carex identification in the lab, (students can make their own collection of pressed specimens from live material provided at the workshop),

4) The ability to use dichotomous keys to identify Carex to species in the field.   Students will be taught useful Carex field-identification concepts and shortcuts, as described in Voss’s Michigan Flora (Vol. 1.), Wheeler’s Key to the Carex of MN, Husveth’s revised Key to the Carex of East-Central Minnesota, Zager and Norris’ Carex of Iowa, and the Flora of North America (Vol. 23: Cyperaceae), and,

5) In all of the past 10 years, students are successfully keying live Carex specimens to species by the noon lunch break on the first day of the workshop.

Jason Husveth is a professional ecologist and botanist working throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwestern United States. Jason has over twenty years of academic, field, and herbarium experience identifying, collecting, photographing, and documenting sedge species in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest and throughout the Eastern United States. Jason has been trained in sedge identification by Dr. Anton Reznicek (Flora of North America: Cyperaceae and Michigan Flora), Dr. Robert H. Mohlenbrock (Illustrated Flora of Illinois),  Dr. Susan Galatowitsch (University of Minnesota), and Dr. William Norris (Sedges of Iowa). Jason has taught sedge identification courses in the field and in lab settings, and has lead dozens of plant identification field trips to native wetland and upland habitats throughout Minnesota. Jason not only knows and loves sedges; he knows how to teach others to navigate through sedge diversity to understand the underlying concepts on how to identify, learn, and remember sedge species of Minnesota.

Please look for additional plant identification workshops that we plan to offer in the coming year, including a Carex: Section Ovales workshop, and an Advanced Wetland Plant Identification workshop, to be offered in August/September 2020. 



Sedges of Minnesota
Two-day Identification Workshop


Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, 2020


Jason Husveth, Botanist/Ecologist


$475 per Student / Limit 25 Students

Registration typically fills by March 31 of each year. Please feel free to email Jason Husveth with questions or to arrange for registration while your payment is being processed with your employer or agency. Thank you.


University of Minnesota
St. Paul Campus
Plant Growth Facilities West
Lab 136
St. Paul, MN

To register for the course: please download a registration form and course announcement or contact Jason Husveth at for more information and a registration form.  This course is accredited as 12 hours of continuing education credit towards BWSR’s Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program.